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Hello everyone, and welcome to the official casting page for all the sexy girls who want to join our Amsterdam top class escort girls. Thanks to the information you will discover on this page, you will have all the information you need to submit your application and be selected to become part of our elite Amsterdam sexy girls team.

In this section, you will find the answer to all your questions, and if you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


Who are you?

We are Amsterdamluxescort, the best escort agency in all of Amsterdam. Our goal is to find only the best escorts throughout Amsterdam and make them available to all our customers. Our catalog is updated continuously, and we are always looking for girls to include in our escort directory. Thanks to this page you can submit your application to become our new escort babe Amsterdam.


What is the escort’s job?

Our escorts are all beautiful and polite girls, who offer an entertainment service for all our customers, which also includes sexual performances to be agreed upon previously in exchange for a sum of money. Our escort agency offers three different services, restaurant, city tour and hotel service (the service that includes paid sex). The girls must satisfy the service chosen by the client.


Can I earn a lot of money?

Yes, our top-class Amsterdam escorts earn excellent figures every month. We hold only a minimal percentage of the money, and every top escort makes a lot of money, much more than a secretary or a hairdresser. The more successful you are, the more you earn. Our policy is to give maximum freedom to our escort babes. They will work when they want and can refuse some customers if they wish.


Do you have any rules or physical requirements?

We are looking for beautiful girls, with a sexy body, with a cute face and an excellent aptitude for sex. Our best girls have sex every day, often several times a day and meet unique demands, like threesomes, anal or cumshots. Being able to adapt to the client’s requests and having sex with every type of man is a fundamental requirement.

Our girls have an excellent education, they know how to talk and can be excellent companions in any social event, including business meetings.

Our main rule is protected sex. The condom is mandatory for any sexual activity, including blowjobs. Girls who have sex without a condom will be fired. Every girl is monitored by a doctor and must carry recent blood tests that certify their excellent state of health.

Can I perform extra services or work for other agencies?

Every girl can offer a series of extra services, such as French kissing, anal sex, facial-cumshot, erotic photos, and much more. The girl will set the price, and the agency can’t force a girl to do something she doesn’t want. The extra services are optional, a girl can perform, for example, the French kiss while another escort girl can consider it an additional service.

The girls of our agency sign an exclusive collaboration contract, and they cannot work for any other agency in Amsterdam or the Netherlands. In case of violation, there is a penalty to be paid and immediate dismissal.


How can I apply for a job?

We are continually looking for girls to include in our escort directory, and therefore, each application is carefully examined by our selectors. To apply, you must complete the form on this page, indicating your name, surname, age (you must be of age), measures, and why you want to become an escort. Attach some photos, nude photos are not necessary but are appreciated, we want to see your body.

After receiving the application, our staff will carefully evaluate it, and if you are deemed suitable for our requirements, you will be contacted for an interview in our office.


Should I undress or have sex in the interview?

We may ask you to strip yourself for photos or to observe your body, but you will not have sex with any selector. Some girls have brought a partner or sex toys for a live sex show, and now they are some of our top class escorts. We encourage girls’ creativity, and we want them to show us that they are genuinely the best escorts in Amsterdam and why we should choose them for our agency.

What should I do if I am not selected?

Do not give up! Our recruiters can give you valuable tips to improve, and if you wish, you can apply again after some time. Some girls were too young or too shy, and today they are some of our most popular Amsterdam escort babes.

Listen to the advice that will be given to you and use it to improve yourself, and at the next interview, you will surely succeed.


Will my privacy be protected?

Of course, no personal data will be protected, and if you become one of our new escort girls Amsterdam, you will use a stage name. In the photographs, you will have to show your face, but if you wish the face can be covered (we do not recommend it, customers want to see the face of the lovely escort). No girl is authorized to give personal data to customers, including phone numbers or email addresses. Every contact with customers must take place through our agency, because only in this way can we guarantee maximum privacy for our girls.


Can I stop when I want?

Yes, our girls can take a break when they want, or stop doing this job, but only before they notify us at least a month before.


Contact us if you have any other questions. Be creative, be hot and kinky, and get our attention. You have a great deal of competition, and you have to be really special to be selected and officially become escort girls in Amsterdamluxescort, the best escort portal in all of Amsterdam.