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Hello everyone, and welcome to the homepage of, the official website of the best Amsterdam escort service agency. Our agency was born to select and offer to all our customers the best Amsterdam escorts currently available and allow all our customers to enjoy the company of Amsterdam’s beautiful escorts and always be ready to have sex with them.


The city of Amsterdam is very famous for being tolerant and is considered the European capital of transgression and sex. Places like the red light district Amsterdam, the sex shops, the brothels in Amsterdam, and the Amsterdam coffee shop are regularly visited by thousands of tourists every day, who are always looking for new girls in the red light district or a place to see a live sex show Amsterdam.

But often the proposal of these Amsterdam sex clubs is not of the highest quality and proposes ugly, fat, or disinterested girls, who do not think to satisfy the client and make him excited, but only to dance and hope that time passes quickly. In the red-light district, it is not rare to find girls who despise customers and try to bring them to orgasm quickly, or who are not happy to have sex with them.

Our work experience with Amsterdam sex clubs has led us to imagine a new business model, an Amsterdam escort agency that first thought of the client’s needs, and that aimed to provide a top-level sex show, which we called sex experience.

Our Amsterdam sex show is different from the usual because it is based on the interaction between the client and the Amsterdam escort, to guarantee a much more profound and unforgettable experience.

Usually, in an Amsterdam sex club, you can spend little time with a girl, but instead, we allow all our customers to spend hours with every girl they chose, and to be able to select three services that will bring their Amsterdam sex experience to Next Level.


The three services offered by the Amsterdam escorts of our agency are Restaurant, City Tour and Hotel service.


However, before describing our services, we would like to talk about our Amsterdam escorts. The girls who are present in our escort directory have been carefully selected from all the best escorts in Amsterdam and from all the girls who have applied for this job through our official casting page. We have rigorous selection criteria, and our girls are undoubtedly the best escorts in Amsterdam. They are more beautiful, talented, and kind than the Amsterdam red light district girls, and we are continually looking for new girls to add to our already varied proposal.

Furthermore, we are always very interested in the feedback of our customers, and we have decided to reward the girls with the best reviews with the Top class Amsterdam escorts label, while we will eliminate from the site and fire the girls with the worst reviews and that can damage our reputation.

For us, customer satisfaction is fundamental, and we work every day with the utmost care to provide a top-level sex show, worthy of the price our customers pay.

But what do the three services of our Amsterdam top-class escort agency offer?

The first of our escorts in Amsterdam is the Restaurant service.

This service allows all customers of our Amsterdam escorts to have the privilege of spending an intimate evening with one of our top-class, Amsterdam escorts in a famous Amsterdam restaurant.

Here are the rules of this service:


– Every girl has particular preferences and likes to go to specific restaurants for different reasons (diet, allergies, preference for a kind of food, religion). However, girls can adapt to the customer’s choice and accept the invitation to any restaurant. In some cases, the girl’s motivations can lead to rejection, and in these rare situations, the staff will study a solution or propose an alternative restaurant. It is not possible to force the Amsterdam escort chosen to accept the invitation to a restaurant if she does not want to go there.

– The chosen Amsterdam escort can wear a special outfit upon the customer’s request or buy by the client before the meeting. In any case, it is not possible to oblige the girl to wear a dress that is not suitable for the context, or that makes the girl feel uncomfortable. Elegance is appreciated in many Amsterdam restaurants.

– The girl can eat and drink whatever she wants, and the client will have to bear all the expenses. During dinner, you can talk about what you want until the conversation makes the girl feel uncomfortable. It is not always appreciated to talk about sex.

– It requires maximum education and seriousness. After the service, you can continue with the evening with the escort in exchange for an extra.

– Advanced payment. In the event of failure to comply with a rule, the service will be canceled without refund.

The second service is the Amsterdam City Tour, where one of our Amsterdam escorts will accompany you anywhere in the city of Amsterdam or in social events such as openings, concerts, theater performances, or business meetings. You can also visit the Amsterdam red-light district with one of our Amsterdam escort girls and see for yourself the big difference between the girls in the window and our beautiful Amsterdam high-class escorts.

Here are the rules of this service.


– The girls have preferences, but they can adapt to the client’s requests and go to any place in Amsterdam. The few refusals motivated with just cause will be managed by the staff, who will work to find an alternative solution. It is not possible to force the girl to go to a place if she refused.

– The customer can request a specific outfit for the service, but that must be appropriate to the context. For example, when walking in a park, high heels are not suitable. The girl will do her best to satisfy the client’s requests, but she can refuse clothing that can make her uncomfortable.

– The customer cannot ask to go to another place after having agreed to the service.

– It is possible to postpone the meeting outdoors in case of rain, compatibly with the schedule of commitments of the girl.

– The service does not include extra services such as selfies, girlfriend experience, or French kisses. Girls can offer these things as additional services but at their discretion.

– The girl can buy food, drinks, or clothes, and all costs will be borne by the customer.

– Advanced payment. In case of violation of the rules, the service will be immediately interrupted without the possibility of repayment.


The third service is the most famous of our Amsterdam escorts: the Amsterdam Hotel Service.

In this service, the customers of our escorts in Amsterdam will have the privilege of having sex with them in a suite of a famous city hotel. Here are the rules of our service.


– Our girls only have sex in hotel rooms, unlike the girls in the Amsterdam red-light district. The customer must take care of the hotel reservation.

– Every girl has a favorite hotel, but they can adapt to the hotel requested by the client. In any case, the hotel must be prestigious and with at least three stars.

– You can choose any type of lingerie, heels, and outfits for the service. Inside the room, the girl will wear whatever you want.

– The basic service involves a sexual relationship with a blowjob. All the rest (cunnilingus, anal sex, cumshot, footjob) are extra services that girls can do at their discretion.

– Violent sex is never allowed. No extreme BDSM experiences.

– Girls can’t be forced to do something if they refuse. Customers should not insist on anal sex.

– It is not allowed to take erotic or video photos during sexual intercourse.

– Any sexual intercourse must be done with the use of condoms. A sealed package must be opened, and our girls always have condoms of the best brands in their bags.

– It requires maximum education and respect for the girl. Every escort is a professional who deserves the utmost respect.

– Girls should have the opportunity to take a shower before and after intercourse.

– Advanced payment. In case of violation of the rules, the service will be canceled without refund, and in the most severe cases, the fact will be reported to the competent authorities.

Our girls are continuously monitored by a doctor, with fortnightly blood checks.


We invite you to periodically visit our site to discover the new escorts in Amsterdam that we have selected just for you. We aim to give you a night of passion with the most beautiful girls in Amsterdam, and we will work to choose in each situation, only the best top class, Amsterdam escorts.

Amsterdamluxescort will be your point of reference for all the opportunities for transgression with beautiful and transgressive girls.


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