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Yes, we already know what you are thinking while you are looking at photos of the beautiful kinky escort girl Amsterdam Parmie. The question in your head is, “Why don’t you show us her cute face?” The answer to this question is very simple: because we want to make you grow the curiosity to discover her beautiful face, a face so beautiful that it remains forever imprinted in the heart and mind of every man, a face that only very few people have had the privilege to see, and that they will never forget.

Imagine the face of the kinky escort girl Amsterdam Parmie, and think of her lovely body. We said that her body is beautiful, but her face is even better.

Are you so curious to see her face? No problem, Parmie can’t wait to show it to you, and all you have to do is call our staff and say you want to see her lovely face, and we’ll organize a meeting with the kinky escort girl Amsterdam Parmie as soon as possible.

Here are the three services you can choose to make your day unforgettable with the beautiful kinky escort girl Amsterdam Parmie.


The first service will allow you to get to know the kinky escort girl Amsterdam Parmie deeply. To do this, you only have to book the best table of the very famous restaurant Scheepskameel in Amsterdam and have dinner in this beautiful location with the beautiful Parmie. In this way you will be able to do many things: finally, watch her cute face, eat good food, drink good wine, talk to this beautiful girl and get to know her, to plan with her all the extreme things you will do in your bedroom. Parmie will wear a beautiful dress just for you, and it will unforgettably excite you.



Want to visit the city of Amsterdam? There is nothing better than doing it in the company of a beautiful girl, and Parmie is always available to accompany her clients in all the places of the city, such as the Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam. Parmie will be beautiful, she will wear high heels just for you, and she will be a perfect companion for every event, because Parmie will be discreet and sensual, and everyone will envy you.


Sex with the kinky escort girl Amsterdam Parmie is something indescribable because she is willing to do anything from foot fetish to anal sex, from nipple to cumshot games on all parts of her sweet body. Do not waste time and choose this service, making sure you book a room in the Park Plaza Amsterdam hotel, your favorite hotel.

Parmie will protect your privacy by coming to your door discreetly and will wear the clothes you requested, and could also wear sexy lingerie made with candies that you can eat together.

Beautiful right? Then choose this service and have sex right away with Parmie!

Parmie follows our safe sex policy, the use of condoms is mandatory. Maximum cleanliness and education.

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    Perfect girl

    By: Karam | 5 years ago

    Parmie is like a storm of passion.
    She kiss me so full of desire and she make me the most exciting striptease! I feel so much energy and sexuality in the same time.
    She’s a perfect girl for a dream night!