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Since the time of the school, the teachers have told you that “perfection does not exist,” and to be able to settle for what you can get.

And we are sure that many of you believed these words, therefore ceasing to demand the most from every situation. Sorry, but the teachers lied to you, because perfection exists, and is embodied in the breathtaking beauty of the beautiful hot Amsterdam escort Zhoe, one of our hot Amsterdam escort VIPs.

Our VIP service is designed for customers who are looking for the most beautiful girls in the world, the most professional escorts, and the best services. And only our VIP hot escort girls know how to have sex incredibly, without any limits or taboos.

And Zhoe is our best VIP escort, a beautiful girl, with a legendary body, a hunger for sex and a desire to feel pleasure in all circumstances. Do you want unique emotions? No problem, Zhoe is the right girl for you, and thanks to her you’ll have unforgettable emotions in all circumstances.

Never stop trying to achieve perfection at any time, because you could reach it, and with Zhoe you will reach it in the moment of orgasm.


We reveal a secret to you: Zhoe loves Italian cuisine, and in particular, this hot Amsterdam escort loves to dine at the Italian restaurant “Le Due Sicilie” in Amsterdam.

If you want to impress this girl and spend an unforgettable evening with Italian food, good wine, and a relaxed and sensual atmosphere, then don’t waste any more time and immediately book a table in this restaurant with the beautiful Zhoe. Our escort will wear her best dress just for you, and she will showcase her seduction skills, and she will be able to turn a dinner into the most erotic appointment of your life.

We don’t want to say anything else; you have to try this service with Zhoe, so don’t waste any more time and book your table!



Zhoe is a great connoisseur of the city of Amsterdam and therefore is the ideal tour guide to spend a day visiting the most famous places in Amsterdam, such as the Royal Palace. Zhoe is a perfect companion for any social event and for visiting any historic building, because she is polite, cultured, and will attract the attention of all men thanks to her magnetic charm.

Do you want to be the object of the envy of all men? Well, hire Zhoe, and everyone will envy you!


Zhoe is used to living in luxury, so she only has sex in the famous hotel suites, like the Ibis Hotel in Amsterdam. Book your suite now, and Zhoe will arrive for you with a load of lust, ready to go wild in your bed and become your only Goddess of Love.

The beautiful Zhoe wants to take a shower after sex, and her policy is to use condoms even for oral sex.

These are small rules that will give Zhoe all it takes to make you enjoy it a lot, don’t disappoint, and this hot Amsterdam escort will drive you crazy.

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    Best amsterdam escort

    By: Jamal | 5 years ago

    I stayed in Amsterdam for five days and each day I had a escort from a different agency.
    What I can tell you now ia that this girl is not photogenic at all, in reality she is a goddess, if a wasn’t all ready married and she was not a VIP Amsterdam escort I would ask her to be my wife.
    She made of my five days in Amsterdam worth it. She is what it is the Best Amsterdam Escort.

      By: admin | 5 years ago

      Thank you for the review Jamal, and we are happy that you enjoyed our VIP escort

    Indeed Lux Escort

    By: sam | 5 years ago

    I had dinner with Zhoe, she had a office look because I request a agency that specific think.
    She’s a well educated girl with the who made my dinner amazing and a charming young lady.
    When we reached my hotel room I realised that she didn’t had underwear and that made me hard instantly. I couldn’t believe that her pussy was wet and I don’t want to go fourter in details…
    She has half of hour and she left and I’m still thinking about that wet pussy of hers. I really hope that tomorrow she will be available again.