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Only a very select group of girls can communicate a feeling of class, elegance, but also of lust, as if a fire were hidden by the ashes, but not completely extinguished and can resume blazing at any moment. The kinky Amsterdam escort Dalma is one of these girls.

Look at her pics her lovely face and angel gaze, but at the same time, you can feel something hidden, ready to jump out at any time and hit every man. This feeling is the reaction that every man has to the call of sex, and the beautiful kinky Amsterdam escort Dalma is a girl with an angelic look, but who can go wild and turn into a demon at any time. The devil of Dalma is a demon that can lead a man to unexplored peaks of pleasure, is a lustful demon that invades the soul and mind of people, and that is addictive.

Be careful when you hire the beautiful kinky Amsterdam escort Dalma, because she is like a bomb, and must be handled appropriately so as not to damage you. Have no limits with her, because she was born to survive limitless situations, to do the impossible, and to bring you to the human limit of sex. And Dalma will do all this while watching you with her lovely gaze.

Irresistible, simply irresistible.


All Dalma customers love to spend pleasant evenings with her in a very famous restaurant in Amsterdam, the Saint Morris Argentinian Restaurant. Men appreciate Dalma’s company because she is unique, beautiful, intelligent, and able to make conversation on any subject easily. Alma is a girl who knows how to get people’s attention, and all the men in the restaurant will want to be in your place. Wear your best dress, because Dalma has an impressive collection of clothes and high heels, and she wants her man to always be perfect.



Do you want to visit Amsterdam in a way never seen before? Very good, you have to use this service to visit all the most famous places together with the kinky Amsterdam escort Dalia, such as the Wax Museum of Madame Tussauds. Dalia will be kind and will always be by your side, an adorable and loving girl, and you will really be the luckiest man in the world. Visit every place in the city and the Netherlands with her, and you will never forget the name of Dalma.


Alma is like the sea: first, it is calm, and then it is unleashed with waves that can destroy houses and rocks. If you want to see the real face of Dalma, the face of lust and pleasure, you must book a luxurious suite at the MEININGER hotel, and give Dalma a time and a date. The girl will arrive wearing only lingerie and heels, and you will have to be able to survive a night of fire with her!

Dalma adopts our safe sex policy: condom and shower before and after sex. Dalma offers extras like anal, facial, and footjob.

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    Dream girl

    By: Leilah | 5 years ago

    Perfect escort girl for perfect moments…
    She make everything very intense and with pasion , I was very impressed by her style.
    I dream at first time!