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Did you feel like you had already seen the beautiful Maya somewhere?

Well, it’s possible, because Maya worked as a model for the leading fashion houses in the world for many years. Millions of men got excited, looking at her ass, her flat belly, her legs, and tiny tits, and stunning Maya quickly became the most desired woman in the world. And she has seen fit to satisfy all the requests of the fans who wanted to have sex with her becoming one of our top class Amsterdam escorts, the selection of the best girls from all over Europe for our best customers. Each of these beautiful girls has been carefully selected for their beauty, talent for sex, ability to excite, and creativity to be the best of the best and give all our customers the satisfaction they deserve.

And Maya is our top player. She can excite any man and give unforgettable orgasms in a short time. After all, it is impossible not to be inflamed with desire after looking at the body of this top class Amsterdam escort.

Do you want to make love with a real woman? Do you want to have sex like never in your life? You know what to do: hire the top class Amsterdam escort, Maya.


Maya is a girl who takes great care of her feeding, and for this reason, we want to give you excellent advice: you have to invite her to dinner at the Brasserie Ambassade restaurant, her favorite local and the only place that cooks her favorite food. Maya will appreciate your interest in her diet and will reward you by allowing you to choose her dress for the night and even the lingerie. And you can also decide to tell Maya never to wear it!

Our top class Amsterdam escort will be a fantastic company for dinner, and we promise you that you will never forget the name of Maya.



Maya is a girl who loves culture a lot and who knows all the museums of Amsterdam perfectly. Do you want to impress this girl and learn something new? Fine, use this service to visit the Vincent Van Gogh Museum along with the beautiful Maya, who will tell you all the secrets of the famous painter while wearing a short dress and lovely high heels. The museum will never find such a stunning tour guide.

Maya is also available for business trips across the Netherlands, upon notice.


Can’t contain your desire and want to have sex with Maya? We can understand you, and we recommend that you immediately book a room at the Jaz Hotel Amsterdam.

In the privacy of your room, you can try Maya’s deep throat blowjob and her famous ass trick, and we’re sure you won’t hold your orgasm for long with a beautiful girl like Maya.

This top class, Amsterdam escort, only has sex with condoms.

3 reviews for “Maya

Overall Rating: 5
    The best brunette

    By: Zeynep | 5 years ago

    Maya is a wonderful, hot and seductive escort which I had.
    The way she look at me and her sensual movements fascineted me…
    She made me want to go back in Amsterdam to spend time with her.
    Maya is open-mind and I think she is the best company I’ve had recently.
    Surely I go back to Amsterdam!

    Beautiful girl

    By: Aziz | 5 years ago

    Maya is more beautiful in reality!
    She’s very attractive, passional women and come true every wishes… Friendly but very hot in the same time.
    Great experience and great company..

    Sexy brunette Maya

    By: Marcus | 4 years ago

    This amazing and super sexy brunette is so charming and gorgeous, she knows just how to make sure leave me with an experience to always remember.
    Very very exciting!!