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Miky is the novelty of summer, a beautiful young Amsterdam escort who will incredibly satisfy all your wildest passions and which will give you many moments of love and desire at all times.

Miky is a kind and very polite girl, who loves music and animals, and who has a unique talent for sex, particularly for doggy style. In fact, her specialty is sex in that position and with skill and a little extra you can also have beautiful anal sex with the sexy young Amsterdam escort Miky. Miky will always know how to put you at ease, make you excited, and give you hours of passion and sex that you will never forget thanks to her skills.

Watch Miky’s gaze, a look that promises sex, lust, passion, orgasms, and cumshots, the look of a young Amsterdam escort who knows what needs to be done to please the customer.

If you want to live the best summer experience, then choose the top young Amsterdam escort Miky, the pearl of summer.


Miky has an incredible gift: being able to eat anything without ever gaining weight, and for this reason, she is always available to eat in a prized restaurant with her clients! Miky greatly appreciates Italian cuisine, pasta, spaghetti, lasagna, meat, steaks, and many other tasty dishes. Her favorite restaurant is “L’incanto” in Amsterdam.

Don’t waste time and immediately book a table to spend an unforgettable evening with Miky. Don’t forget to be polite and to dress elegantly, because the beautiful Miky always knows what to wear to be the most beautiful girl in the restaurant, and you will struggle to control the excitement.



Miky loves the city of Amsterdam very much, and accompany clients in all the most famous places in the city, like the Anne Frank House. Miky is also available for concerts, theater events, and business dinners and is a real magnet for attracting men. We are sure that this girl will know how to entertain you in your social activities, and every time you think in Amsterdam you will remember with passion all the moments spent with our young Amsterdam escort Miky.

Miky can wear every outfit and every kind of shoe, and you can go shopping together to try out new lingerie or sensual shoes. Don’t be afraid to ask Miky to come with you to a place, she will accept it with a beautiful smile.



If you can’t resist and want to have sex with Miky you just have to pick up the phone and reserve a room at the Ibis Hotel in Amsterdam. Miky loves luxurious and fragrant rooms, and she will only show her sexy skills for you, and you can have sex all night with this incredible girl. Miky knows tricks, you can’t imagine, and every time she makes love, it’s a competition with herself to be better and better.

Miky only has sex with condoms and appreciates cleanliness. The young Amsterdam escort wants to take a shower after sex. Maximum education.

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    Really hot

    By: Maryan | 5 years ago

    Miky is perfect combination between soft and hard.
    She have what I wish…wonderful body, a natural beauty and is an very hot escort girl.
    Miky knows how give me an unfotgettable night.
    I will come back in Amsterdam!