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Rebeca is our new proposal for customers who appreciate our VIP Amsterdam escorts, or the rigorous selection of the best sex professionals throughout the Netherlands and throughout Europe, intending to offer only the best of the best.

Rebeca was chosen for her beauty, but above all for her skills in sex. Every customer who made love to this girl said she had never experienced anything like this, and that Rebeca was able to let him try things never seen before, and that they felt alive for the first time in their life.

Rebeca is a model of behavior and professionalism for all the other VIP Amsterdam escorts, and she is always busy inventing new tricks and new sexual games to please her customers, and we also tell you a secret she is always available to make threesomes both with two men than with another girl.

Have you ever tried an orgy? Well, if you hire the beautiful VIP Amsterdam escort, Rebeca, you can finally realize your unmentionable dream.


Rebeca always wants to know her clients before having sex, and the best way to meet and talk is without a doubt, the restaurant, in front of a plate of delicious food.

The ideal restaurant to get to know the beautiful Rebeca is undoubtedly Vinkeles, which astonishingly combines luxury and good food, and where Rebeca loves to eat.

Rebeca will be gorgeous and will wear her special dress just for you, and she will tell you exciting stories and plan your wild sex night together in the hotel room.



Rebeca fell in love with Amsterdam as soon as she saw it and loves walking around every street in the city in search of something new. You can spend time with her in the Red Light District by watching the girls in the window and getting excited thinking about the different beauty abyss between those girls and your VIP Amsterdam escort. You can also go shopping to buy sexy lingerie for sex at the hotel.


Here is the climax, the moment you were waiting for. Everybody loves having sex with Rebeca, touching her body and sucking her nipples. Rebeca loves sadomasochistic practices and very physical and violent sex, so don’t be afraid to tighten her ass or be dominant with her. Rebeca loves the determined man who knows what he wants in sex, and every time he invents new tricks to get the man to have a massive cumshot on her body.

Rebeca only has sex with a condom and loves taking a very erotic shower with you before making love. Do you want a special outfit? Don’t be afraid to ask, and Rebeca, the VIP Amsterdam escort, will fulfill your wish.

3 reviews for “Rebeca

Overall Rating: 5

    By: Karim | 5 years ago

    Rebeca give me a total relaxation and a fantastic sexual stimulation.
    She is a top escort who knows how to play with a man’s mind and body!
    Rebeca made my night in Amsterdam amazing..
    I will definitily come back!

    The most Sensual Escort

    By: Nader | 5 years ago

    The time spend in Amsterdam with Rebeca was extraordinary.
    I liked all her erotic games that made me want to fuck her as fast as possible.
    She made me strepteases and her movement was provocative and sensual..she like to dominated me.
    I wish repeat this experince again and again and again..

    Beautiful escort girl

    By: Lorenzo | 4 years ago

    Her milky, soft skin, long legs and beautifull dark hair make me crazy. She know how to treat me in public, but also she know how to be the most pleased man in privacy. I will visit her with any opportunity in Amsterdam.