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Every time we look at the new photographs of our top-class escort Faith, we reflect on how lucky we were to work with this beautiful girl and to be able to offer her to all our loyal customers. Faith is, in fact, a girl who has a sexy body, a sensual smile, and beautiful tits. If all this were not enough to make you fall in love with this girl instantly, you should know that Faith is also a fan of anal sex and that for her, sex is not complete unless it is penetrated even into the anus with strength and a lot of passion. Very few girls can compete with our top class escort Faith regarding anal sex, but Faith knows how to do anything: amazing blowjobs, footjobs, handjobs, erotic games, sex in any position, sperm games and sex toys much more.

There is a reason that Faith is one of our top class escorts: Faith represents perfection in sex, the one that all men are looking for and that they can never find. Faith is our agency’s gift to all men.

If you want to try the ultimate escort experience, don’t waste any more time and contact the beautiful Faith, she will always know how to satisfy you.


Faith loves dining at the restaurant, and her favorite restaurant today is Graham’s Kitchen in Amsterdam. If you want to spend a pleasant evening with a beautiful girl, then it’s a great idea to use this service and eat with the beautiful top class escort Faith in this restaurant. Book the table and contact Faith, and she will gladly accept your invitation, and you can also choose her outfit. Make sure you wear your best dress because Faith loves elegant men and will reward your commitment with so much love and passion, teasing your cock with her shoe under the table.



Faith is not only a beautiful top class escort, but she is also a brilliant girl who is passionate about science. She proposes to visit the famous NEMO museum in Amsterdam with you, and she will be happy to do it, showing you that she has a beautiful body and a big brain. Faith will always be available for any event, even to come to the cinema with you if you want to watch a romantic movie or a comedy. Don’t be afraid to ask, because Faith will always say yes.


Sex with the beautiful top class escort Faith is something indescribable. We don’t want to reveal anything to you because discovering what you can do with you is exciting. The only thing we can tell you is to immediately book a room in Faith’s favorite hotel, the Amsterdam Tropen Hotel, and tell Faith what to wear. She loves having sex with her pink high heels.

Faith always uses the condom.

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Overall Rating: 5
    Sexy escort girl

    By: Imran | 5 years ago

    Faith, she is one of the sexiest girl i have ever saw.
    All my deepest desires was satisfied by this superb women with a sensational body.
    Faith is a perfect choise!
    Very hot girl!

    HOT escort😚

    By: Richard | 4 years ago

    Faith is a hot, tall, beautiful blonde-hair girl escort with some very attractive curves with a sexy bust size. She offer me fullness in service, pleasure, fun, and satisfaction. Great experience I had!!