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Often the selection work of the new Amsterdam escort girls who apply through our casting page is not easy. Our quality standard is very high, and therefore we have to select only the best prospects among all Amsterdam escort girls who want to enter our agency. Often the selection is not easy, because there are so many beautiful girls with a strong attitude towards sex and it is really very difficult to select a few, but in the case of the adorable Sofia, our work was very easy.

As soon as we saw Sofia, we realized that she was special and that she had a particular natural charisma that only very few Amsterdam escort girls have. A natural charm that attracts men and that releases a message of sex and passion. Sofia loves sex and loves doing it whenever possible, and it’s impossible to resist her charm.

If you want to experience this beautiful girl, one of our new Amsterdam escort girls, the only thing you need to do is hire her and choose one of the three services she offers.


If you want to get to know the beautiful Sofia deeply, you absolutely have to use this service. The location will be a beautiful Amsterdam restaurant, the Saint Morris Argentinian Restaurant. Book the best table in the restaurant immediately and choose the outfit that the beautiful Sofia will wear for you.

Good food, excellent wine, a friendly staff, will all be the setting for an evening you will never forget.



Amsterdam is a beautiful city, where the tourist attractions are so many that it is not possible to visit them all in one day. Sofia knows all the most popular places in the city and can accompany you in each of them, such as in the Popeye coffee shop. You will smoke excellent weed together with a beautiful girl who will design with you everything you do in the bedroom. Sofia can do this and much more for you.

If you want to go anywhere else in Amsterdam or Holland, don’t hesitate to ask, and Sofia will follow you!



If you want to have sex with the queen of our new Amsterdam escort girls, you’ll need to make sure you prepare a suitable location, like a room at the famous Lloyd hotel in Amsterdam. In the privacy of your room, you can finally realize all your dreams with the beautiful Sofia, touch her body, lick it, and do what you want. Your only limit will be your imagination!

Our beautiful Sofia follows the policy of all our Amsterdam escort girls. Sex must take place with the condom, and the environment must be clean. Sofia requires you to take a shower before and after sex with you.

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    Charming escort

    By: Givon | 5 years ago

    Finest, delightful Sofia is a beautiful brunette wich can charm you.
    She was able to make me forget the daily stress and problems in her own special mode.
    Her body excited me instantly.
    Good escort girl!